Convert PnP TaxonomyPicker selection to update value

TaxonomyPicker update

I am a big fan of the PnP reusable controls and previously delivered some sessions about them. You can find the slides for one session on this blog post. One of my favorite controls is the TaxonomyPicker control, which I often use in custom forms to update list columns.

When using the PnP TaxonomyPicker reusable control to let the user select values for a managed metadata list field in SharePoint, you have to convert that selection into an object that you can then pass to the REST api when updating the field value.

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SharePoint SPFx extension – Advanced copy and move

A client recently asked me to create an advanced version of the default “Copy to” and “Move to” SharePoint capabilities available on every document library. This blog post will cover the main decisions, challenges, and tools that I used to achieve this.

After our client went live with a new SharePoint site to be used as the main “landing page” for the company, they started receiving some feedback from end users. I created some custom SPFx web parts and extensions for the site, so was expecting some feedback on my work. Instead, the most common feature that users were providing feedback on was the out-of-the-box “Copy to” and “Move to”.

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My path to receive the Microsoft MVP award

On the 1st of September, I opened my inbox and found a very  pleasant surprise. I had received the Microsoft MVP for Office Development award!

This post covers some of the things that led to the MVP award and also some personal thoughts about the MVP award program. Please note that this is only my own opinion, I don’t know the award criteria. Hope you find the post interesting.

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Copy all SharePoint terms in a term set to clipboard

copy terms

This is just one of those blog posts where there is no “rocket science” if you use the right tools. And the reason why I’m writing it is to just show how easy it is. All it takes is one line of PowerShell to copy all terms in a term set to the clipboard.
Of course there is a lot of “rocket science” here. But it’s inside PnP PowerShell and we don’t need to worry about it!

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Enable modern document sets programmatically

document set

Some time ago, modern SharePoint sites received a new feature: modern Document Sets. In order to enable and use this feature, “all” you have to do is enable the “Document Sets” feature under Site Collection Features. Then simply add the relevant content type to a library and you can start using them.

Simple right?
Well…perhaps not so simple if you try to do this programmatically.

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Get list of recent documents in SharePoint

recent documents

Similar to my last post Get list of frequent sites in SharePoint , this time I’m using the same approach to query a different API and get the recent documents for the current user.

SharePoint offers an OOB web part that you can use to list the recent documents for the current user. But what if you need the exact same information for a custom SharePoint Framework solution?

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