Merge PDF files in SharePoint using an Azure Function

Need to merge PDF files stored in SharePoint? Look no further!
In this article, I will show you how to create an Azure Function to merge PDF files stored in SharePoint. The Function will be a generic service, which receives a list of file paths to merge. This means that you can trigger a request from SPFx, Power Automate, Logic Apps… Or anything else really. we are going to use the PFDsharp library, so our code will be super simple!

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Reusable ARM template for Web Application

azure resources

SharePoint Framework is the new King of enterprise solutions. Since version 1.4.1, it allows you to easily connect to APIs secured with Azure Active Directory.
As a SharePoint developer, you will likely have to create Azure Web Apps or Functions to be consumed by your SharePoint Framework application. So why not use an ARM template for common scenarios? 
The following ARM template will, hopefully, come in handy and save you some time.

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