SPFx web parts from different solutions on workbench

workbench customizer

Ever wondered how to add SharePoint Framework web parts from different solutions to your local workbench while developing on localhost? Then look no further 🙂

Even though this may not be a common requirement for everyone, there are cases where it could be handy to have different web parts running on the local workbench that belong to different solutions.

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SPFx Workbench Customizer


With SharePoint Framework, Microsoft also introduced a really good development story for creating custom web parts: the Workbench page.
This page is not only available when you are developing solutions locally, but also on a SharePoint site. This gives you the option to access data on a SharePoint site from code running on your machine. Let’s be honest, it’s great!

Unfortunately, the Workbench page also has some limitations for some development scenarios. One of them is, in my opinion, how the overall page styles differ from a normal modern SharePoint page.

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Add Google Analytics to SharePoint modern pages


I had a client requirement to help them add Google Analytics to a modern SharePoint site. The objective was to track all SharePoint page views within the site.

The first thing that came to my mind was to look for a solution available online. As this is a fairly common scenario, I assumed it would be easy to find one for my requirements. But this was also what the client had tried to do before calling us, and they got stuck with some limitations on the solutions that they have found.
There are plenty of solutions available online for using Google Analytics with SharePoint modern pages. From complete implementations, to blog posts with the relevant code snippets. But I was also unable to find one that was able to track full and partial page loads. And so I decided to tweak one to work on the scenarios.

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SPFx solution using PnPjs for Project Online REST API

SPFx Project SharePoint

If you know me or follow me on Twitter/LinkedIn, you must have realized by now how much I like the PnPjs library. Enough to venture myself to speak about it on 3 SharePoint Saturday events last year. The library has packages for SharePoint and Graph endpoints and can be easily used on SPFx solutions. But if you need an SPFx solution that consumes Project Online API, what options do you have?
Kudos to Paweł Hawrylak who started creating the Project module for PnPjs and currently already offers support for a wide range of endpoints. The module is currently in a dev branch and requires additional work and testing, but it’s already a phenomenal effort.

This blog post will cover the required steps to generate a local PnPjs Project package to consume Project Online REST APIs and create an SPFx web part that uses it.

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Using pnpm with SPFx 1.6.0

When you create a new SharePoint Framework project, you have the option to use different package managers: npm, pnpm or yarn.

For a long time, I completely ignored this and just used npm. Npm is the slowest option from the list above, but it didn’t really matter as I was installing packages once a week or so. But this is not the case anymore. Simple processes, like upgrading your existing solutions to newer versions of the SharePoint Framework can make you go through that process more times than desired.

In my case, my dev laptop takes a very long time to install or delete node modules, so I found myself looking for alternative solutions.

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