PnP TaxonomyPicker reusable control as a required field

The PnP TaxonomyPicker reusable control doesn’t have a property to let you mark the input control as a required field on a form, but fortunately, this can be easily addressed.

If you have used the PnP TaxonomyPicker reusable control before, you may have noticed that it doesn’t have a property to make it required, nor does it have a property that lets you add a custom CSS class to it. The problem is that your other required input controls on the form will have a ‘*’ after the label, but not the TaxonomyPicker controls.

But there is a very simple way to solve this because the control also has a Label control, so we can mimic the styles from other Office UI Fabric input controls.

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My session at SharePoint Saturday Madrid

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to speak at SharePoint Saturday Madrid. You can find here all the materials used for the presentation: the presentation slides and the video recording. On the slides, you can find links to the relevant resources and also a link to my GitHub repository that contains a working version of the demo, and also a guide in case you want to recreate the demo yourself.

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SharePoint Framework – new project checklist

Starting a new project generally requires some initial setup before you can jump into code. SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is no exception.

Unfortunately, we often forget to configure something that then needs to be added during the development phase, which may introduce some issues. I hope you find this article helpful the next time you create a new project.

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