The time has come to create my own blog

After seriously considering the idea multiple times over the last years, I have finally decided to create my own blog. The idea of not having the time to regularly create new content put me off before, but not this time. This time I had to do it, no matter what!

I have been a huge consumer of technical blogs for quite a few years now. Most of them are related to SharePoint and Office 365 for professional reasons, but others relate to software development or technology in general, and they often provide key information to make my life easier or completely drive the success of my work.

What makes most of those blogs great is that they do not belong to professional bloggers or authors. They belong to people who simply love their jobs and don’t mind doing the extra mile in order to help others, without expecting anything in return.

And that is exactly where I want to be. It’s about time I start “paying” back to the community by sharing my knowledge and my ‘learnings‘.

This blog will mainly focus on Office 365 and SharePoint development and I really hope I can help other people in the same way other blogs helped (and still help!) me.

Stay tuned!

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